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Origin: New York City

Genre: Folk

Years Active: 2016-Present

Label: Figure&Ground

Official Website: mammiferesband.com

Short Bio:


New York City-based mammifères recomposes ancient music from across the world into postmodern folk by disarranging structure and finding inspiration in ethnic chaos. At times both irreverent and deeply respectful of tradition, this band tangles roots music with contemporary musical languages. ​

"a collage of sound with an experimental polish, punctuated by all the blips and wailing electronica that buries and drags these songs into the vastness of the variable world."


"We described lead vocalist and bandleader Lukas Papenfusscline’s previous placement in our Year’s Best back in 2016, as a “hallucinogenic field recording from the road”, but Olema is eminently more jarring and realized, with ... a terrifying tone transforming the songs of our centuries into the rantings of madmen. Essential, in all meanings of the word; a divine, disquieting artifact of the folkways."

- Cover Lay Down